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I'll turn your bedroom demo into an absolute banger.

And if you're skeptical about the message above, allow me to tell you what you're missing out on by pressing the button below.


From guttural metal screams to hating your parents pop punk, you're here right now because you write music that you want people to hear and feel deep in their souls and I'm the guy that can make it happen. If you don't believe me, fill out my contact form below and I'd love to change your mind.

I only offer 2 services and I'm very specialized in both so that I can better serve you.


This is where we take your raw tracks, professional or DIY, and turn them into a polished and high-quality product.


This is the final step in the audio life cycle. I'll turn up the volume and put on some finishing touches to make your track a certified banger.

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My Work

Why should you care who I am?


If your music is properly mixed and mastered by a professional, I promise you that you will thank yourself when it's all said and done.

  • A great mix and master can be the difference between being taken seriously as an artist or being the laughing stock of your local music scene.

  • It can lead to better shows, more attention from labels, peers, and the music industry overlords.

  • It can be the difference between someone hitting skip within 3 seconds of hearing your crunchy bedroom mix or sharing that song with all of their friends, potential followers, and even their mom.

Jokes aside, I'm serious about the above. There are thousands of songs being released daily and no one needs another bedroom mix to skip during their morning workout routine.

  • Are you ready to be heard?

  • Are you ready to stop wasting time and take the next step?

  • Do you want to be the proud owner of a certified banger?

Then click the button below and let's make it happen.

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